What is Tummy Time and how can I use the Dock to help?

Tummy time is the practice of placing your little one on his or her tummy while awake and supervised to help improve motor skills and strengthen head, neck and shoulder muscles. Some research suggests that babies who spend time on their tummies will achieve other milestones such as rolling over, supporting themselves on all fours, and crawling earlier than babies who don’t.

The dock is the ideal spot to let your little one spend time on their tummies because the rounded sides help to prop up your baby when placed under his or her arms. To practice tummy time with your little one in the dock, place the baby in dock with the rounded tube under the baby's chest and armpits with his arms out in front of them. This position also allows for play and observation. By propping baby up on the sides, tummy time instantly becomes easier and more comfortable for babies - and moms! Now, everyone can enjoy tear-free tummy time!

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