Why do some other loungers say that they can be used for overnight infant sleep and DockATot does not?

The category for products like the DockATot docks is relatively new and a specific mandatory standard for this product type has not yet been developed. As part of its effort to lead the industry in safety, DockATot voluntarily subjects its products to numerous tests and standards and actively participates in the development of mandatory standards that would apply to all products like DockATot docks.

Brands claiming that their product is certified safe for overnight infant sleep are not doing so based on a comprehensive mandatory standard (such as those that apply to bassinets, Moses baskets, cribs/cots, cradles, or play yards). Until there is more of a global consensus on mandatory standards for infant lounger/pod type products offered for overnight sleep, we do not recommend our Deluxe+ dock be used for overnight sleep.

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