Can Deluxe+ docks be used for sleep and overnight sleep?

Deluxe+ docks are not intended for sleep.

Babies fall asleep most anywhere you put them, and this may include a Deluxe+ dock. You should always supervise your baby in the dock. The dock is not designed to contain a child and babies can begin to crawl or scoot unexpectedly. A baby that wakes up alone may try to find you and can fall or become entrapped between adjacent objects.

For sleep, or for any time that you are not able to supervise, you should move your baby to a bare product subject to a mandatory sleep standard (such as a bassinet, Moses basket, crib/cot, cradle, or play yard), on their back.

Children older than one year of age and otherwise ready to sleep in a big-kid or toddler bed on their own may use a Grand dock in their toddler or big-kid bed.

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