What age is appropriate for my child to use a Grand dock?

Once your child is approximately 9 months of age, your child can begin using the DockATot Grand dock. As most children fit the Grand dock up to 36 months and beyond, the Grand dock can grow with your child.

For younger users, especially, those under one year of age, the Grand dock functions like a Deluxe dock.

At an appropriate age, the Grand dock may be used in a toddler or big-kid bed once the child is able to safely climb in and out of the dock and bed independently and is otherwise ready for such a sleep setting. The Grand dock should not be placed in a confined space, like a crib/cot.

Before letting a child sleep in a toddler bed, it is important that the child’s room be “child-proofed” with no accessible dangerous items like small parts, cords or strings, including window blind cords, medicines, cleaning supplies, etc. If the child can access other rooms once out of bed, those rooms also should be child-proofed.

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