Can I use the dock if my baby is rolling over?

Globally prominent safety guidance is that a baby should only be placed on their back to rest until they are one year of age. Because babies may fall asleep anytime, even unexpectedly, aside from tummy time, we advise that babies less than one year of age always be placed on their back in the dock for lounging.

Pediatricians advise that once a baby is capable of rolling over from back to stomach, and stomach to back, the baby can be allowed to rest in the position that the baby assumes. We recommend that parents place their baby on their back and allow their child to choose their position once they are capable of rolling from back to stomach and stomach to back within the dock.

A healthy tot of over one year of age may be placed in the dock however they prefer.

As always, we recommend you also check with your pediatrician about the best practices for your baby’s stage of development. 

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